Sunday, February 6, 2011

decisions decisions

i am so useless when it comes to making decisions. options stress me out! and yet i always want to know... what are my choices? the problem is, i hate choosing. do i want to order the chicken or the beef? should i buy this shirt in blue or green? etc etc ad nauseum. i don't know! i don't know! usually i buy both shirts or neither. i order the chicken, then run up to the server and change to beef. then possibly back to chicken. and i worry until the meal arrives that i picked the wrong one. it's a disease i tell you.

so this is the decision i'm facing now. stay with wordpress or move to blogspot. i only fell into wordpress because that's what spaces upgraded me to. what's the difference? which one is better? where will i get more readers? i read somewhere that wordpress is better and recommended for "professional blogging", but i'm not a professional. and everyone else i know seems to be on blogger.

heeeeeelllllllllllllp! stupid choices. and of course then there's the actual theme/look of the blog that is a whole other slew of ulcer inducing options.

so i imported this blog to blogger and now have to decide where to make my permanent home. what do you think? please give me some feedback!

(not sure if this is the look i'd keep or not)


Chelle said...

I like blogger. Easier to subscribe to.

Laoch of Chicago said...


It is easier to get followers on Blogger. Word press is more powerful but it is not really needed. You can also use ad words on blogger.

dbs said...

I've never used wordpress so it's hard to have an opinion but I do like blogger. Very few glitches for me so far.

Peaceful said...

stay here !
I just saved mine to WP for memories sake.

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