Friday, February 11, 2011

breaking news!!

being a grown up is lame.

i'm so sick of all the boring junk that comes with being an adult. like planning meals. what a nuissance! i loathe having to think up dinner ideas. then go get groceries. then cook the damn stuff. then clean up dirty dishes too!* oh the good ol' days when the fridge always replenished itself and dinner prep consisted of coming downstairs when mom called. now the fridge is half empty, with a door full of condiments we never use, and shelves consisting mostly of fuzzy leftovers from 2010. yeesh, why are those still in there?! why haven't they made their way to the garbage yet?!

as a grown up, i'm expected to understand my own finances. i got a package from the bank, filled with some 70 pages of reading material about investments i made, and a cover letter telling me the importance of all this info. ugh, i don't want to read all that tedious mumbo jumbo. can't the bank lady just give me the skinny and tell me what's best? or mom?

grown-up breaks suck. in my 15 minutes i go to get more coffee only to see that some jerk has yet again left just enough coffee to line the bottom of the pot. apparently if there's a thimbleful of coffee left, you don't have to make more. i make another pot and stare blankly out the window, waiting. 13 minutes later i fill my cup and head back to my desk. what a waste of a break. bring back recess! four square, tetherball, tag... that's a fun 15 minutes.

worst of all, i've lost my perspective on what is exciting. we got 251 airmiles on that last shop! woohoo!! oh my god, buy one get one free salsa, could this day get any better? and the latest thrill? we got a new mat for the front hall! it's the perfect size, and the green colour even matches the sofa in the living room. you can see the corner of the couch from the front door and you can totally tell that they match. it's the most amazing thing in the world!!!

hi, my name is amanda. i'm a grown up, and i'm lame.

the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

*disclaimer: i acknowledge that blair does 99% of the planning and cooking and grocery shopping. i know if i didn't put this in i'd get an earful about how he does it all. i know i know already! if it were up to me i'd never bother with dinner.


Chelle said...

I had to read a 234234928500204958202394530 page affidavit and highlighter all the bullshitty parts today and yesterday. I've already read this thing 928374923842 times over 5 years. AUGH.

I wanted to read my nerd books. Not stupid boring divorce paperwork.

/end vent

Laoch of Chicago said...

The main benefit of being an adult is freedom.

Sandra said...

OMG I know exactly how you feel! I whine every night about having to make supper. I'm like, "If it wasn't for the rest of you, I'd be eating toast and cereal. Every. Damn. Night."
We should protest or something.
As for my finances, I know I'm supposed to be responsible, but somehow LuLu Lemon clothing gets in the way of that.

Sandra said...

PS: You had me at the name of your blog! I love it!

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