Monday, September 29, 2008

the battle ends

it was a long and brave fight, and it came to a merciful end this
morning. the call came at 3am, and we were there within minutes. we
were all with him for his last hours, my mom, jennie and me, holding
his hand, playing his favourite music, my mom reassuring him he didn't
have to be afraid and she would always be with him. we cried. finally,
death rolled into the room like an invisible fog and lovingly took
michael in its quietening embrace.

my mom read a beautiful passage: "let us treasure the time we have, and
resolve to use it well, counting each moment precious - a chance to
apprehend some truth, to experience some beauty... to love and be
loved, to achieve something of worth. help us to fulfill the promise
that is in each of us, and so to conduct ourselves that, generations
hence, it will be true to say of us :the world is better because, for a
brief space, they lived in it"

michael and i had a bit of a rocky past, disagreeing, butting heads and
arguing on many occasions. but we also had great conversations, and
honest and straightforward opinions exchanged. he even ended up being a
compassionate ear, understanding and comforting, in a time when i felt
heartbroken and lost. we had a colourful history, but colour enriches
our lives!

this has been a surreal experience returning to israel. the last time i
was here, just a short while ago, was for jennie and shabi's wedding.
it was all about love, celebration, joy, beginnings, and family. now we
sit here with eyes puffy from tears, reflecting on the past, saying
goodbye, and feeling the grief of loss.

but it isn't all different. it's still about family. and this visit is, without a shadow of a doubt, all about love.

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Laoch said...

My condolences to your family. Life is so transient and sad sometimes.

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