Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hell hath no fury

today i snapped. crumbled. broke down.

i've been good at not letting things get to me. i've straightened my
back, brushed myself off, been the bigger person, let things go. i
wasn't going to let a bunch of shitty experiences embitter me or crush
my spirit. just be a good person amanda, it's okay, it'll be okay, life
is good!

but today i felt defeated. i don't want to believe the best in people.
i don't want to trust anyone. i don't want to give anyone the benefit
of the doubt because they don't deserve it!!

i've been lied to, i've been slandered, i've been used, i've been
betrayed. and what have i done? i forgave. WELL FUCK THAT! i'm tired of
being nice and understanding. what has that gotten me? stomped on,
taken advantage of, and hurt. where's the justice? why doesn't being a
decent human being count for anything?

i've had enough. i crumbled today, but i'm back on my feet now. and the
next person that steals from me, lies to me, tries to screw me over, or
treats me with anything less than respect will get the retribution they

i'm still the same person. i still consider myself laid back and not
easily rattled. i still take most things in stride. but i have my
limits. and you'd be wise not to test them.

1 comment:

Laoch said...

It is good to stand up for yourself, right on as my hippie mother would have said.

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