Thursday, July 17, 2008

finding little things

that's what you need to foucs on. sometimes you have to search, but you
can always find something. the last week or so i haven't quite been
myself. i've been letting some of the ugliness in this world get to me.
people were cruel, life was unfair. i couldn't stop thinking about all
that was sad and unjust. not only my personal life, but work can be
draining as well. i hear about people's struggles to make ends meet and
support their families, their depression, their debilitating diseases,
their life changing accidents, their dying family, their stillborn
babies. it can be hard to stay upbeat when i every day i speak to new
people with new hardships.

so i look for the positives in a day, no matter how small. yesterday i
got a thoughtful and unexpected text from a friend. a weird man in the
village told me i sparkled. the vending machine gave me an extra dime!
i had a few good laughs. someone thanked me for helping her.

i like my job. i do help people. i get thanked a lot actually. really
sincere, overwhelming gratitude. and i've got such a great family, i'm
so lucky to be so close to them. i've got unbelievable friends that are
always there for me. these aren't little things. they're huge.

getting a free dime is just a bonus.

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