Tuesday, June 3, 2008

bon voyage to me!

in 12 hours my plane will be taking off. israel here i come! i'm so
excited for this trip, it's been years since i've had a holiday longer
than a long weekend. and for perpetual traveler amanda, that's a hell
of a long time to be settled.

i've been thinking about home and traveling lately. and this is what
i've come up with: i love both. i can't wait for this month of escape
from everyday life. i can't wait to see parts of the world that are new
to me. i can't wait to celebrate jennie and shabi's marriage. i can't
wait to feel the freedom that comes with leaving all you know behind.

yet i do love home. i love having my weekly dinners with my family. i
love being surrounded by such amazing, constant friends. i love the
potential that i see building here.

i'm chomping at the bit for this trip. i know it will be amazing. fun,
exhilarating, spiritual, and inspiring. but coming home won't be bad. i
have things to come back to. things already established, and things
that are just beginning to grow.

there are risks in everything. i could get hit by a bus crossing the
street. my plane could crash. i could have an unexpected allergic
reaction to a bee sting. i could get blown up in a terrorist attack.
any day could be my last! of course i don't want it to be, but i
realized years ago that i would never hide away and miss out on life.

i believe that the world is a beautiful, good place, and if anything
unforeseen should happen on this trip, i still believe that. no worries
though, i'm sure everything will be fine, i'm not concerned in the
slightest. i shall be back shortly, all the richer with my newest

i love you all :)


Laoch said...

Have an epic journey.

Jade said...

YAAAY!!!! It\'s because it\'s YOU!!!
You are my hero "Adventure Girl" ... Wooosh-!!
Zooming off to new places -
Have fun :D

islandgirl said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip....as well you know, once you\'ve caught that travel bug, you\'re stuck with it! CU round!!!

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