Wednesday, March 12, 2008

nodding off


so tired today. we're in training all day and it is just so exhausting. read read read.... it's so hard to keep my eyes open.


it was a really close game at the pub quiz last night. we were just one point off of first place, and if we'd tied again like last week we would have won the tie-breaker. Oh, so close!! and there was one answer we really should have gotten. something about an advice columnist whose real name was esther somethingorother. the team was divided between dear abby and ann landers. i was fairly certain that abby's real name was abigail van buren, but majority ruled and the ann landers camp was outnumbered 7-5. victory could have been ours! oh well, there's always next week.


went to grab a muffin at the beginning of break and saw two guys walking along with mini heinekin kegs. it's 10am! no doubt their day will be infinitely more fun than mine.




haha, check out my "currently reading" box to the left. i provided a description as well. boy, i'm hilarious.

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