Tuesday, March 11, 2008

no rush


ah... sipping my morning coffee with minutes to spare before having to log in. my mom dropped me off today so i arrived almost 15 minutes early. 2 precious minutes left now.


i have a real blog that i will post soon. amanda's happy list. last night i hung out with a friend, and we chatted for a bit about the things in our lives that weren't going the way we wanted, things that were missing, general malaise and heavy hearts. i told him how my sister and i had written up "happy lists" about a decade ago - little things that we love, appreciate, that make life twinkle. it's a good exercise, so we decided to do new happy lists. they came together quickly, each item triggering more and more until we were sputtering out a constant string of happiness.


yep, life ain't so bad. as long as you can remember the little pleasures.

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Laoch said...

Be the list

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