Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the worst birthday gift




My brother-in-law to be has the same birthday as me - yesterday. Yesterday he got a letter saying that his request for an extension on his visa had been declined and he was to leave the country immediately. How horrible! I have no idea why they won't let him stay. He isn't working, he's just living with us and has the finances to support himself. i'm not sure what's going to happen. obviously they were both very upset. he has a ticket to go back to isreal already, but not for another 3 weeks. are they going to make him leave sooner? are they going to let him come back? this seems really unfair. sometimes i just don't understand the mentality of our government. and i work for them!


as for me, my birthday was fine. i worked and was in a great mood. told cute bus driver it was my birthday and he wished me a great day. apparently after i got off the bus he asked one of the other regulars how old i was and guessed 23. haha! no one has thought i was that young in years! that little devil, so clearly in love with me :p


had dinner with my mom et al. went home, checked out all my happy birthday messages on facebook, chatted with a couple of friends, then played rock band until far too late. all in all not a bad day.


Laoch said...

How awful about your brother in law. Will your sister now try and emigrate to Israel

Jade said...

Darn, I would have loved to party with you!

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