Tuesday, January 22, 2008

off to save lives


I'm going to give blood today. i've never done it before, although i've wanted to for years. the commercials they used to play always brought a tear to my eye. think of all the good i could do!


now i'm nervous. i remember how squirmy i get around needles. i've heard people feel faint. a pint of blood seems like a lot! i had a couple of pieces of toast because they said to eat something beforehand. but now i feel queazy with nerves. ack! okay, okay, it's fine. you're doing a good thing amanda.


it's time. be a hero. go go go!


Barbara said...

Hope it went well.  I have given blood quite a few times, and it is a bit scary, but not too bad.

Unknown said...

What\'s\' fun is if you tell them halfway through that you lied about the tattoos.

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