Tuesday, December 18, 2007

change of perspective


I was given some good advice regarding the boy. I must remember how fantastic I am! And you know, it's true. I'm pretty awesome. I'm fun, intelligent, i've led an interesting life, mirrors don't generally shatter as I pass. Yay me! Toot toot toot my horn :)


This guy is just another guy. One that i had on a pedestal, but it's time to get some perspective. I seem to have the tendency to build people up for no apparent reason. Let's remember the most recent loser. Why did i think he was so great? Two teenaged kids, lame job, issues up the wazoo, completely flakey and way too confused for a grown man. Damaged goods I tell ya!! I can do way better. Now this one. Just a normal guy. Not a god, not perfect, not even close to right for me.


If anything, he should be crazy about me! I've taken decent care of myself over the years, I've got no kids or shady past, i earn a decent living, i don't have piles of emotional baggage. Toot toot! Yep, I'm a catch. I'm not waiting for someone to choose me. I can do the choosing if someone is so lucky


Arrogance is sooooo hot. :p

1 comment:

Jade said...

just have to keep those things in mind!!!
You are a catch-I agree! You are no couch potato!

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