Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ambition - amanda style

I originally posted this as a Facebook note on Dec 22nd, and figured i'd add it here as well.

not much of 2007 left. instead of making resolutions as to what i will
do in the new year, i'm going to make a list of things to strive for
before this year is up. that way i have a much shorter time to wait to
see if i reach my goals. and my list will be free of ridiculous "join
the gym, eat healthier" type nonsense that i'd have no intention of
attempting anyway. so here are a few things i'd like to achieve... in
no particular order:

-buy a new cell phone
-play in the snow
-bake that delicious bavarian apple torte
-kiss a cute boy
-clean my room
-start a good book
-laugh till my sides hurt and my face feels like it's stuck in perma-smile
-go to a fun party
-eat a great meal
-get back to knitting my afghan
-make a list of easily obtainable goals that will give me a false sense of accomplishment as i complete them.

And.... GO!

1 comment:

Laoch said...

worthy goals

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