Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Going fishing

So I've decided to brave the dating world. I've never really "dated" much. Here's a breakdown of my relationship history:

Single single single....
Suddenly I have a serious boyfriend for 3 years.
Break up, single single single....
What's this? Another serious boyfriend, another 3 years.
"seeing someone" for about a month - as close I've really come to dating
Single single single.... ad nauseum

With a handful of what will have to be labeled "flings" strewn about.

Not that I mind being single at all. I'm quite happy without a boyfriend and have yet to feel any sense of loneliness. But I decided, what the hell, let's get out there and check out the options!

I went out with a very nice boy. Not my type at all. I'm afraid that "nice" isn't my type! What a drag!! I'm not saying I like the bad boys, but for some reason when someone is all sickeningly sweet and good and proper... I just want to break a chair over their head. He said "heck" and I wanted to explode in a profanity-riddled rant. I took a swig of my beer
as I watched him sip his diet pepsi, and wanted to throw it in his face and jab the straw in his eyes.  DIET pepsi even, come on! Don't get me wrong, I still had an enjoyable evening. He's nice. But he's a pushover, and unfortunately, I've realized that pushovers just make me want to push them over.

Also, he used the word borrow instead of lend - one of my top pet peeves. "She asked me to borrow her $5" ARGH, my ears are bleeding!!!


Laoch said...

Dating is excellent.  Women are pretty lucky really, since all men are warm, caring, funny, adventuresome, daring, cool, clever, strong, dynamic, etc.

Corrina said...

.... *gag* ... remind me to NOT read Laoch\'s comments before I create a comment of my own *wretch* *shudder*

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