Sunday, July 8, 2007

All sunned out

What a great weekend! I went back up to the Folk Fest on Saturday and spent the whole afternoon lounging in the sun, listening to music, enjoying a few drinks, and even made a quick trip to the beach. My friends invited me to spend the night in their luxury RV (air conditioning and shower!!) so how could I refuse. Went back to the park this morning and caught some more shows and more sunshine. I feel so refreshed, like I had a week off!!

Of course now I'm feeling all tired and drained from all that time in the sun. So a nice early night for me. Hurrah for summertime!!!


Laoch said...

Nice to see you having a good time

t i m said...

I did likewise apart from the Folk Fest bit & the RV bit & the beach bit, but the rest was pretty similar.

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