Monday, July 30, 2007

The drunken rant

Yeah, it's Monday night and I'm a bit drunk - what're you gonna do about it?? 

I've had it! This is the last fucking time you will let me down. I was a better friend than you ever deserved and all you did was prove me a fool for always giving you second chances. Well fuck you! For ten goddamn years I gave you the benefit of the doubt; forgave your hurtfulness; thought the best of you. And for brief moments I felt justified.  You made a good show of coming off like a decent human being. But you aren't. You are an
insensitive, hypocritical, selfish asshole.

I used to want the best for you; I really hoped you were happy. I was there for you because I cared and I respected you. I think you can tell that I've lost all respect and don't give a shit what happens to you anymore.

I've deleted sentence after sentence of cruel yet truthful remarks. I want to be mean, hit you where it hurts because we both know I could. But I guess the wine is wearing off. And you're just not worth it.


Corrina said...

Looks like I got home from my holidays just in time!  Good girl for taking the high road and NOT for returning the favour that he so childishly chose to treat you with.  I\'m sorry this person let you down again ... sometimes we choose to give people the benefit because we care so much for them and often times it was the right choice but, occasionally, we get our asses bit.  If anything let this remind you how much better of a person you are than they are because you chose the high road ... you don\'t want to take the same road they do/did because you don\'t want to be anything like them.  :-)
♥ Take care ♥

Kelly said...

Huh.. That\'s an interesting post to come visit. I hope all is well… despite the asshole.

Unknown said...

Holy crap girl!  I dont\' know who you are talking about but i am sure it is deserved.   Hope you got it out of your system and feel a bit better now.  Have a good weekend ok.  Peace, Love & Light  and a hug too :)

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