Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Dear god I'm stircrazy! The day needs to end at 5 for pete's sake. No, to hell with Pete. For my sake!


Ooh, it's pouring out! Like a monsoon. Rain whipping by at a 45 degree angle, lightning flashing across the sky and thunder booming. I love this weather. Whenever there's a real downpour like this, I think back about 10 years and remember dancing about in the rain with my brother and sister, getting absolutely soaked to the bone, then jumping into the pool fully clothed. What fun!


I wonder if to people walking by, my blog looks like work. Perhaps if I add some point form, it will increase its plausibility:


    • Is this better?
    • Maybe some key words too...
    • Please fax contract deposit rider asap. Artist avails spreadsheet confirmed
    • It doesn't need to make sense; now let's add numbers!
    • $53,990 is a nice sum. Wish I had it.
    • 240 is the number of regular dots on a Pac-Man board
    • I think that'll do.

Okay, time to start shutting down. Thank you blog, for keeping me sane.


Laoch said...

Is the number different on the ms. pac man board?

Unknown said...

LOL your too funny,  I love the rain too.  It had been unbearable hot and muggy the last few days but today it just downpoured but no thunder or lightening which I would have liked to have heard and seen.  Oh well.   I remember dancing about the rain to as a child or just being out in it, it was fun wasn\'t it. hmmm I should do it again sometime lol.   My kids would look at me like i was crazy hahaha but it would be fun  :D,    Have a great week!

Laoch said...

I have finally managed to get facebook going.  Add me and we can interact.

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