Monday, June 4, 2007

Mondays will be my undoing

To say I hate Mondays is a gross understatement. Detest, loathe, abhor.... still doesn't quite capture it. Mondays make me want to gouge my own eyes out. Mondays make me want to tear through the office on a rampage of destruction. Mondays make me want to scream until blood fills my throat.

Mondays make me hate my life.

It's hard to believe that just one day - just one task actually - can be responsible for such misery. Mondays I have an overwhelmingly boring, tedious, mind-numbing job that takes a few hours to complete. Just a few hours you say, that's not so bad! But it is. Those few hours drag on for an eternity, crushing my spirit, and leaving me drained and defeated. By the end of the week the horror of Monday has faded in my memory somewhat, and I feel fine. But every Monday I go through it again. It really takes all my will power not to hand in my resignation on the spot. I just tell myself, you won't feel so hopeless tomorrow. But man, it's so intense, I'm not sure it all balances out.

For now, as the drudgery is several hours in the past, I'm starting to lift out of the mire. But I know that a week from now will bring the same frustration, dissatisfaction and consuming melancholy. Which, even for a day, is unbearable.


Laoch said...

You need a clone to send in your place.

Corrina said...

Thank god it\'s Wednesday .... ?

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