Thursday, May 31, 2007


I had such a pathetic dinner last night, I feel compelled to share.

That's right. Shrivelly little hot dogs on hamburger buns. Disgusting. I was unimpressed (rightly so) and gave most to the dog. I really should learn to cook something. I also don't feel hungry until about 9pm, and at that point I really don't have the energy to put much effort into preparing a meal. But seriously, something must be done. I may as well be living in a dorm eating instant noodles every night.

By the way, that's a side of cottage cheese with some sundried tomatoes I mixed in. Gourmet I tell ya.


Corrina said...

That was close to my lunch ... but instead of buns substitute white bread wrapped around it like a blanket and instead of cottage cheese substitute potato salad. :-/  I can honestly cook, I just don\'t enjoy it ~ no wonder I keep failing at diets. :-S  Oh, and I don\'t have a dog ... and my boy won\'t eat my left overs any more than I want to.
I think we both need to find ourselves men who LOVE to cook almost as much as they Love us, don\'tcha think? ;-)
♥Take care♥

Aimee said...\'s hard to cook when you have noone to cook for...invite over a friend...makes it more me i hate cooking...
:o) smiles are free and pass one right now to the people you love and those you don\'t...soon everyone will be smiling... :o)

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