Monday, June 11, 2007

How not to get a date with Amanda

*Ring ring... ring ring*

Groggily, after fumbling in the dark to find my phone "hello?"

"AMANDA! What's up?!"

I look at the clock, which reads 2:56am. My mind tries to focus. "Who is this?"

"It's whats-his-face!"* My confused silence prompts him to shout it again, with more enthusiasm. Slowly it registers. Oh right, that guy. A guy who at one point had wanted to ask me out, but I ran off before I had to commit to anything.

"Hi," I'm still swirling with sleep, and words seem to be coming out without much help from my brain, "why are you calling? It's 3 in the morning"

"We're just at so-and-so's, having drinks, partying. We'd love your company!" he says as if this is the most reasonable request and the most logical time to be calling.

I muttered some drowsy gibberish, then managed to say
it was 3am; I was sleeping. He sounded genuinely shocked at this, stating that at the last party, I stayed til 6. This is true. I often stay up very late. I love staying up late for fun parties etc. But this night I was sleeping. Or trying to. He ended the conversation with an energetic "KEEP IN TOUCH!"



Aileen said...

ah, drunk dailling. gotta love it

t i m said...

He sounds like a thoughtful, considerate chap, it\'d be churlish of you to shun him after that.

Corrina said...

Haha ... I wonder if it was Tim who was calling.  ;-)

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