Tuesday, January 30, 2007

changing decades

I thought for some reason that I'd entered my birthday in my profile and therefore my age would update automatically. Nope. I had to go in and change it myself.

I looked at those two little digits, not quite able to erase them. 2-9. Sigh....they looked so nice. My right hand hovered above the delete key, frozen and unco-operative. Come on you stubborn finger, press it! Delete. There went the 9. That was the easy part. I could replace the nine with anything else and whoosh back in time.

20. Back in first year university, fresh from my first overseas experience. I do well in school, I get a part time job at the Olive Garden, my friends and I have fun going out on weekends. It's a good year.

21. Still in university, still doing well. Hanging out more with work people, going out lots and having fun. I meet a boy and fall in love. It's a good year.

22. University takes a backseat this year. I move out, work more, play more. Still in love, still having fun. And still doing well in the two classes I take. It's a good year.

23. I move home again so I don't have to work so much and I can concentrate on school. I graduate. I have a degree! Relationship is strained due to various circumstances. It's an emotional and often difficult year.

24. We break up and I'm a wreck. My degree sits in its envelope and I work full time as a waitress. I have fun with my friends, but I need to get out of the city. It's not my favourite year.

25. I've left Canada and I've been traveling Europe with my best friend. I live in Scotland. I have so much fun. I feel glad that this is where life has taken me. It's a good year.

26. Still in Scotland. Still having an incredible time. Life is a party. I meet a boy and fall in love. We live together, we travel all over. It's a good year.

27. Back in Winnipeg, still in love, maintaining a long distance relationship. I work for my parents, I feel restless. I'm not ready to stay put. The boy and I plan to go to China. It's an unremarkable year.

28. Working and living in China, having an incredible experience. It's trying, exhausting, emotionally draining, and totally worth it. The relationship is strained due to various circumstances. My siblings and I travel extensively. It's the most challenging year to date.

29. Back in Winnipeg. Heart aches over lost love. Restless but determined to stick it out in my hometown. Get an internship that goes nowhere. Have a few meaningless flings that go nowhere. Get a new job that looks like it'll go nowhere. I feel close to my family, I love my friends. I have fun whenever I can. I get a car and feel like this is home. I feel pretty good about myself. It may not be the most productive, most adventurous, or most exciting, but it's not a bad year.

So... here we are. Ready fingers? And just like that the 2 is deleted. A quick taptap and I've entered the next decade. 30. That wasn't so hard after all.


Will said...

This was a great blog. If it\'s ok, I think I\'ll post a blog like this for myself once I cross the 30 mark. I wanted to write a deep personal blog for the event but couldn\'t figure out how to arrange it, so your idea is perfect. I\'ll flash back through my 20\'s.
Have a good day.
PS: I noticed last year that MSN didn\'t auto update the age, but it did the year before. I could co off on a rant about MSN\'s little flaws, but I\'ll refrain.

Laoch said...

You are the captain of the ship and as such i expect you will sail to interesting waters (whether you want to or not).

I do think it is important to be open to and to actively look for interesting opportunities. It is all to easy in life to wait and hope something good will happen.

As an aside, I lived in Aberdeen, Scotland long ago for several months. Scotland was a great place although eh food was quite awful

t i m said...

You don\'t look a day over 29, whatsoever.

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