Saturday, January 13, 2007

A bit brisk

It's finally time to start plugging the car in. Yesterday morning it was -36 as I scurried to my car. Hmm, -36, you say. I suppose that's somewhat chilly. Oh, but don't forget the windchill, which brought the temperature down to -48. Yep, that's right. 48 degress below zero. Celsius. Not that it matters at that point. Here's my Winterpeg weather scale:

0 to -5: "it's practically shorts weather!"
-6 to -10: "pretty nice day out today"
-11 to -15: "hmm.. maybe I should bring a tuque"
-16 to -20: "a bit nippy out there"
-21 to -30: "brr"
-31 to -40: "crap, it's fucking cold!"
-41 down: incoherent cursing and whimpering

It's such a funny feeling when it gets so cold that my lips can't move fast enough to keep up with what I'm trying to say. Everything is stiff and slow moving, and my eyelashes get frosty and stick together when I blink. That's the fun stuff.

It's much less pleasant coming in from the cold and having the blood start flowing back into my extremities, making my fingertips feel like they're being crushed in tiny vices and about to explode.

*update* Another cold weather favourite I must now endure: our pipes have frozen! Yep, back from kickboxing all gross and sweaty, and there's no water. Wonderful.


Will said...

You guys were way colder than us. We were a balmy -15C yesterday.

Heather said...

I hate to say this but I am missing the cold....It\'s just not winter here all warm and rainy...This really sucks.

hellachella said...

-20 is still swimmin\' weather.
Let\'s collectively laugh in the faces of the wimpy Americans who\'ve never experience -45 on a daily basis.
AHHHhahahahahah... *cough* is anyone with me?  Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...*ahem* no?  ok.

t i m said...

Frozen pipes? Interesting.:)

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