Friday, November 24, 2006

Girls' night

Saturday is a big girls night out. I'm pumped. By the way, that's big girls night, not big girls night.

Anyhoo, there's like 20 gals going out, yahoo! I'm feeling in need of a good outing. I want to unwind, let my hair down, drink many boozie beverages of some sort. It's dangerous, whenever I'm this eager to go out, I always overdo it. I'm all hyper and excitable, which is fun in the beginning. But then, as the night wears on, that gung ho energy becomes less spunky enthusiasm and more obnoxious pestering. I never want the night to end or let anyone go home. "It's only 2 am, the night is young! Let's DO something!" This is when I start tugging on people's clothing, blocking doorways and the like. There have been times when I've had my way and convinced people to hit the vendor and continue the evening back at someone's house. Then it becomes "It's only 3 am, we just got here, you can't go now!.... It's only 4 am, it's still early, stay up!.... It's going to be light out soon, let's make it an all-nighter, we're so close!!" And then, suddenly and without any warning: "I need to sleep. Bye".

I can't wait!


hellachella said...

The cool internet way to say Girl\'s Night Out is GNO.
I\'m goin on a GNO!  Then you make assorted attemts to mimic the sounds one would make prior to said outing.  Things like \'weet wooo!" or "woot woot" or \'UHN HUHN"
Practice up.  Maybe make up your own.

katt said...

Hey hey crazy gal! I know the feeling matey, i\'m always the last one wanting to leave even when every one elsse has done one n my boyfreinds dropped off i\'m normally still bouncing round our room to overly exciting music pissing off the naighbourghs! Fantastic if you ask me!!!! need more of us all nighters don\'t you agree? we\'re too rarer breed XXXXXXXXXXX

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