Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where's the fun?

They say time flies when you're having fun.

Well time is whooshing by these days, but I can't say the old adage is proving true. My life has been seriously lacking in the fun department. I've got a surplus of work and exhaustion, peppered very lightly with a spattering of excercise, but a critical fun deficiency!

In addition to my Mon-Fri job, I've taken on some temporary weekend shifts promoting the Grey Cup and CBC. My full-time work is ridiculously busy, a million little things need to be done at all times, plus there's a huge pile of stuff left by the other girl that will take me ages to get through. And the crappiest thing is that it's all such tedious, mindless work. My brain cells will atrophy with disuse. Watching Deal or no Deal takes more thinking power! Okay, that's too harsh. I suppose some intellect is required. Like when I figured out how to change the toner in the copier. Yep, I sure am putting that university education to good use.

I don't hang out with my friends much these days either. I haven't seen one of my best buds in over a month! That's just rubbish. When did things become so busy and boring? I know we all have jobs and things to do, but I can always squeeze in some social time. Why doesn't anyone want to play with me anymore??


Heather said...

You gotta come outside to

Will said...

Hey changing the toner in the copier is a skill worth noting on your resume. LoL.
I know what you mean about all work and no play. Hopefully you get a chance to play soon.

Miss said...

well I\'ve taken to just catching up on reading up on the life of Manders. Lots of interesting stuff. Your job sounds similar to my sisters. Only she\'s an office Manager for a record company but doing the things that you do...and then some of course.....but she gets all these great perks.
Glad to see you are doing well.

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