Saturday, September 23, 2006

Look to the left

Not too far... just look at my profile.... check out what it says next to "occupation".

I'm employed!
Somewhat. I've been hired to write some stuff for Nunavut tourism. How cool!!!! I'm actually getting paid to write! I had to submit samples of my writing and everything. I used blog entries. Nothing too recent of course, that's all been pretty crap. But I took a few choice entries from China and my travels. And he liked it, yay!!! So now I must write copy for a travel planner, something to inspire you to journey to the great white north. Experience the magic of the arctic! I've never been there, but I'm sure I can make it sound fabulous. This is so damn exciting. YIPPEE!!!!

As of yet I have neither written anything, nor been paid. But all in good time. I figure the first step to embracing my newfound profession is to adopt some eccentric habits and quirks. Perhaps I will only ever write wearing an old housecoat. No, that's overdone. I could start smoking a pipe? Nah, too gross. Maybe I need an odd pet, like an armadillo or a bat. Or I need to have a plate of assorted cheeses next to the computer - scrap that - typewriter. I could start wearing ratty old camel-hair ponchos, carry a beaten notebook around in which to constantly scribble notes, drink copious amounts of coffee, and make bizarre word choices like calling glasses spectacles and movies "the pictures", all while slipping in and out of some inconsistent, affected accent. And of course have a pencil on hand at all times, either behind my ear or stuck in messy hair.

Yes.... gotta get these important character details sorted out first before moving on to the trifling penning of words.


Will said...

Well you could always become a female version of Hunter S. Thompson.

hellachella said...

I already want to travel to.. Nunavut.
Nevermind that.  I have some ideas for you to try out-
Go by your middle name.. unless it\'s something ordinary... if so.. then add a new middle name.
Manders Jane Calliope *insert surname*
Also.. wear slippers to the gas station and give peppermints to random people.  ake sure they have little fuzzes and bits of dirt stuck to them.
Wear a side ponytail.

Jade said...

how about putting your hair into a messy bun with a pencil in it :)congrats!

monty said...

How do we know you\'re not like that already?

Isabella said...

Congratulations Amanda !  Now that has to be da bomb...getting paid for writting.  GOod for you girl, i\'m happy for you : )

bob said...

I thought your china blogs ruled... damn you\'re going to be sooooo good at this.

t i m said...

Good idea on using your old blog entries as opposed to your recent ones as samples... kidding. ;)
I\'m sure you\'ll find writing is a breeze professionally, just don\'t over think it that\'s all. :)

Bob said...

lol Nunavut? ouch. That\'s a tough sell. I doubt many people will have the same feelings as hellachella, myself included.
The only thing it has going for itself is that it\'s the newest territory, expand that fact into a paper!

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