Monday, June 5, 2006

working hard or hardly working?

You can tell I'm having a productive day, what with two blog entries sent from work. Seriously, I've done nothing, and it's totally draining. Do you know how difficult it is to look busy and keep yourself occumpied while actually accomplishing nothing?


I really didn't have anything pressing to do today. The things on my to do list were either still waiting on more info, or I finished them faster than expected last week. Yay me. So I figured I'd prep some stuff for tomorrow. I wrote up a letter that I'll be sending out soon, and I figured I'd make some official looking email stationery for it. It took me longer than I thought to suss out how to do it, and then I kept having problems importing the graphics I wanted etc. Finally got it looking all professional and I sent out a test run to my personal email account. Didn't work. Called our computer guy down for help and after a bit of fussing about, we determined that the stationery doesn't show up when being sent to an outside account. He said someone else had complained about it and he'd looked into it a while ago, but blah blah, nothing had been resolved. How useless. Eventually I just cut and paste graphics, which looks fine, but is less convenient. The endeavor took up the majoirty of the morning, and although the result is pleasing, it was also completely unnecessary.


In the afternoon I went to a meeting where we discussed the previous meeting and planned for the upcoming meeting. I went for a walk and bought a cola. I wrote this blog.


And now would ya look at that, it's quittin' time! Another rough day at the office.


Laoch said...

Let\'s go to happy hour!

Heather said...

When I worked for the gov. I had the same problem. Not enough work, too many meetings.

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