Sunday, November 17, 2013

roaming around Rankin Inlet

there is no point hiding out in my hotel waiting for better weather. that just isn't going to happen. so i decided to go for a nice leisurely walk to explore the town today. but seeing as it was -37C, i just had to get prepared...

leggings: check.
2nd pair of leggings: check.
socks: check.
2nd pair of socks, extra thick: check
leg warmers: check
jeans: check.
sweater, hoodie, scarf, tuque, snow pants, coat, : check, check, check, check, check, and check.
boots: ugh, hard to bend over with this puffalump body.... check
and mitts: check!
...and only 20 minutes later i was ready to go

it was all worth it! i wandered about for nearly two and a half hours and was perfectly cozy! i ended up walking a little bit out of town, towards the Hudson Bay. i ventured off the road onto some snowmobile tracks, and then off the tracks to climb some rocks for a slightly higher vantage point. i really felt like quite the adventurer; not a soul around, the snow crunching beneath my boots, huge black birds soaring above, the faint barking of dogs somewhere in the distance, and snow and ice stretching endlessly before me. and then i started freaking myself out thinking of polar bears or encountering some other disastrous fate and decided to head back.

i wandered up and down the streets, blinking away ice crystals on my eyelashes. with about half an hour of daylight left (ie: around 2:45), i returned to the hotel and peeled off the many layers. aah!

here are some more photos:
off the path and up some rocks for a view... ooh, so pretty!

looking out over Hudson Bay

this is what -37 looks like.

I know i look a bit frosty, but i was totally comfortable. well, my eyeballs felt cold once in a while (who knew eyeballs could get cold!), and my hand when i took it out of my mitt for photos, but otherwise i was perfectly content. Looking forward to more bundled up strolls.


Mom said...

I love it!
More blogs,more blogs.

Peaceful said...

Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
argh i wish i were there.
what was so urgent they needed help with?
dont you love being prperly dressed and not feeling the cold :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

My guess is that there is not much skinny dipping in that fine town.

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