Sunday, May 15, 2011

joining the fancy future

almost a week ago something awful happened. i mean, we've had our issues and setbacks in the past, but we've always been able to get through it. i guess i naively hoped we could keep on doing that indefinitely. but the moment this happened i knew things were different. i gasped, my head reeled, i felt helpless and lost and didn't know where to turn. everything i'd done to salvage things before had just been temporary fixes. tape over a crack, reset and pretend nothing happened.

i'm not being figurative, i'm talking about my cell phone. my darling little Nokia flip phone that i had for 3 and a half years. so simple, so easy, so reliable. sure, i dropped it a few too many times and the battery was held in place by packing tape. and i called rogers every other week because my texts stopped sending or i didn't get notification of voicemail. but other than that things were great! i thought the tape added character and i always had very pleasant calls with the rogers staff. i scoffed at my friends who told me to ditch the archaic relic and get with the times. no, i loved my flip phone and it was all i needed or wanted.

but then, six days ago, the screen died. nothing but a tiny panel of blue. i hung my head and grieved, and finally acknowledged it was time for a new phone. i managed to get a last hurrah with my Nokia, as the screen still worked if i only opened the phone half way. i had the fleeting thought that maybe i could live like this and spare myself the painful separation, but realized that was ridiculous.

I begrudgingly went to the mall, scowling at all the ugly phones and snooty blackberries. i just want my simple flip phone. i don't need anything fancy schmancy, just something that makes and receives calls and text messages. basic. i repeat: BASIC.

Anyhoo.......... i ended up getting the new Sony Ericsson Xperia arc. yeah, it's fancy schmancy. i don't know what happened. it was just so pretty! it has a camera that's better than my actual camera was! and my sister kept saying that fancy phones are "the future". i have 13 days left to decide if i want to keep it. i tell myself i went this long without a fancy phone, i can most certainly continue with having a phone that is just a phone. but can i go back to having just a phone phone after this? and will i want to?


Laoch of Chicago said...

Embrace the boldness.

Caleb said...

I understand your plight. I, for years, had an indestructible G'zOne "Boulder" (aptly named) that I loved. Totally basic, battery lasted forever, etc.

This morning I got an iPhone.

Why did I not have this thing my entire life? Why why why?



Logical Libby said...

I agree. Embrace the iPhone. So worth it.

manders said...

it's not an iphone, but it's equivalent. now that i'm bonding with my new phone (i've had it all of 3 and half days) i decided to read some reviews on it and see how it holds up to the indomitable iphone. it does great! comes out on top in many of the reviews i read. but i still might like the look of the iphone better. plus it seems so sturdy. and it really was the one that started it all... oh well, i went for the sony and so far i'm happy :)

Al Penwasser said...

I resisted getting a cell phone. Then, I resisted getting a cell phone that did anything except make phone calls. Then, I resisted getting a cell phone with a camera. Now...I LOVE the camera. I always make sure I have it with me-the pictures I can get with are great. Although, I need to remember to turn off the "Say cheese" function whenever I sneak up behind a mutant at Wal-Mart.
Embrace the future!
And say, "Cheese!"

Aafrica said...

i know your pains. i recently had to give up my miniature swivel samsung phone. i got ask about it so much. ("is it a phone") it does nothing but making phone calls. i loved it so much.

if you had to get a fancy phone, i'd say go with iphone. i have not met a single person who has an iphone tells me that they don't like it.

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