Monday, April 4, 2011

this is not an update

oops, i've been slacking on my blogging. meh, hardly surprising. i go through phases of being all keen on writing and every little thing seems like something with anecdotal potential. and then there are the slumps when nothing seems worth mentioning. and as you can see i'm in one of these slumps.

i don't have the creative juices at the moment to jazz up my entries with charming witticisms or poignant imagery. but i do like making lists, so with the help of my trusty bullet points, here's the gist of... i dunno... stuff.
  • my little niece said she loved me, without any prompts or bribery. i almost exploded it was so cute.
  • i finally got my hair dyed so i don't look like a crazy old lady anymore. just crazy.
  • i'm currently sitting with a towel on my head and it's been on for way too long, causing my hair to dry in a chaotic mess. this is why i end up looking like a crazy person.
  • i bought a lotto ticket and didn't win. i was shocked.
  • i've taken to watching way too much junky tv for no apparent reason. even the tacky fluff shows, the cookie cutter crime shows, and the i-don't-even-find-this-remotely-funny-so-why-the-hell-am-i-watching-it shows (millionaire matchmaker, criminal minds, and the big bang theory, respectively). my mind has clearly gone to mush.
  • i bought a new book from the bargain section. hopefully this will drag me out of my reading lull.
  • my work hours have been moved back to 8-4 so i get home in time for jeopardy once again. phew, another piece of my nerd puzzle back in its place.
  • my boyfriend got an ipad2 for his birthday. so far it's just being used as a very expensive game of Angry Birds.

that's all i can think of really. and that was a stretch. but whatever, yay for pointless lists!
  • i'm ending this entry now
  • then i'm going to go get a sparkling grapefruit pop. yum yum yum.


Deborah said...

The towel on the head for too long ... LOL, I know that one too well :o)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Hopefully your hair is now purple?

Al Penwasser said...

Nothing pointless...your niece said she loved you.
So, it's all good.


lists are good...this list was good lol
what colour is your hair?

manders said...

oh, nothing exciting. just dark brown with some reddish and blond highlights. which i much prefer to the previous grey "highlights" :p

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