Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the NEW blog

so, i'm all upgraded! time to get used to the new look... quite boring at the moment. i'll need to spice it up at some point.

i feel kind of sad that my old "spaces" blog is no more. i know all the content was transferred, but it's not the same. no more menacing finger pointy amanda, no more photos of the great wall or my less than great chinese toilet. no more out of date book lists or links to sites i stopped visiting. I started this blog almost 6 years ago; seems hard to believe! i remember sitting in my little chinese apartment and getting started, not knowing what to expect from this new "blog" craze. but it was the perfect way to share my experiences with friends and family. i was shocked to discover that strangers also enjoyed reading of my adventures. and you don't seem like strangers anymore :)

so i've promised to put some real effort into reviving this place. and i will. i won't be writing about living with mongolian nomads, getting arrested in a chinese military zone, or riding camels through the desert... but i'll find something. and hopefully you'll read it.


t i m said...

nice new pad, so where are the welcome beverages? *says demanding guest* :)

approaching 6 years for me too since i ventured into the blogging world, yikes!

Chella said...

I loved reading about your adventures in China!

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