Sunday, January 16, 2011

intoxicated accomplishments

sometimes i surprise myself with how competent and coordinated i can be when drunk. i'm not talking threading needles or building a house of cards, but feats of dexterity nonetheless. last night was blair's work holiday party, and the wine was flowing! the end of the evening is a blur, and i only vaguely recall stumbling to bed. in the morning there was the brief moment of panic until i confirmed that i brought home all the essentials - purse, new shoes, mittens. i also notice that i had the presence of mind, not just to remove my jewellery, but to put it back properly. my earrings were still in a pair, and that oh so delicate necklace was hanging up where it belongs. i thought for sure my clumsy drunken fingers would have fumbled an earring or broken that fine chain. but no; all is well! i didn't lose anything and i didn't break anything. I'm amazing!!

i had my nightshirt on inside out and backwards, but hey, no one's perfect.

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Chella said...

Make sure this goes directly onto your resume.

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