Wednesday, November 5, 2008

from the archives

as i mentioned, i found my old journals and have been enjoying flipping
through them. i thought it'd post a few excerpts. these are from my
first ever diary. spelling mistakes as originally written.

Thursday, January 7, 1988
Dear Diary,
In exactly two weeks it will be my birthday (on my piano lesson night)
and i have to go to music. that really ticked me off, well see ya.
math was never my strong suit, it was actually 3 weeks til i turned 11

Friday, Feb 12, 1988
Dear Diary,
mom said she was no good at chess. lately everybody has beaten me and i
need incouragement. the next thing i know she says "i guess i'll put
you in check". she didn't even know she put me in checkmate!
maby i shouldn't be mad, i thought for once i was going to win. the
worst part is she went and was telling my dad evreything. she went and
bragged! she asked me if i was writing about her. well i'm not going to
tell her, i'm not! now i never want to play chess again.
wow, i've always been a poor sport. and stubborn: i never did play chess again

Jan 2, 1990
Dear Diary,
Well well. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 1990! 1990! 1990!
i can't believe it. the end of a whole decade. last time it changed
decades i was only turning 3. now i'm turning 13! just wait, here's
something even harder to believe. next time i'll be turning 23!!!
WOW!!! now that's what i call a big deal!
crazy, the days when i thought 23 was old...

Feb 17, 1990
Dear Diary,
I'm 13 now! Yeahh! Yahoo! Well, actually i don't know if i should say
that. Life as a teen isn't supposed to be that hot. Oh well, it seems
the same to me. so far at least.
oh, ghost of amanda past, you are so wise. those were some crappy years to come!

that's all for now folks. stay tuned for more peeks at amanda's formative years.


Laoch said...

It is interesting to look at your young self.

Jade said...

I have been doing the same thing!But mine was from when I was 17--Everyother page I was completely drunk.The other pages I was "quitting" LOL!!

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