Monday, July 28, 2008

gerbils in my head

sometimes i like to talk as i fall asleep. i like how everything slowly
turns to gibberish. it becomes harder and harder to concentrate and
stay lucid. i'll say something completely nonsensical, sprouting from a
bizarre pre-dream my mind is concocting, then hearing myself will
briefly bring me back to reality and the realization that what i just
said was just crazy sleep talk. "don't forget the third basket" or "why
would the apples lie?" etc etc. followed inevitably by "sorry,
nevermind, that doesn't make sense". i once actually carried on a
conversation while fully asleep and unaware.

*gasp*"ohhhh....look at all the ponies!"
"which one is your favourite?"
"the blue one"
"are these real ponies or My Little Ponies?"
"they're REAL!!!"
then there was something about making pancakes.

my friend reminded me of another recent utterance: "why do i bother with love?" haha! she called it the sweetest and saddest thing she'd ever heard. oy....

anyway, once in this soporific stupor (possibly enhanced by
drunkenness) i described my muddled thoughts as little wood shavings
being scattered around by the gerbils running through my head. it made
perfect sense to me, and i still feel it's an accurate analogy. stupid
rambunctious gerbils making a mess of all my thoughts, no wonder i
can't think straight!

i'm sleepy. i think i need a nap before the gerbils start to play.


Laoch said...

this is a frightening image

Jade said... definitely have to warn future boyfriends/husbands or other sleepmates about that!too funny-I think the gerbil thing is a good description :)

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