Thursday, May 8, 2008

kissing a crush

the attraction. the excitement. the longing. the denial. the
forgetting. the reconnection. the rush of desire. the flirtation. the
build up. the anticipation...

the kiss.

the disappointment.

just like most people, i've had my share of crushes. from my first
crush in grade one to the present day. they usually go unrequited, as i
pine from afar. but on a few occasions, i've been surprised by a long
delayed materialization of these passions. and while the first thought
that runs through my head is "oh my god, i'm kissing so-and-so", the
end result is usually a let down. that's it? all that yearning for
that? i guess it's inevitable when you have someone on a pedestal
simply by reasons of aesthetics and superficial charm.

i suppose it's still gratifying in a way. and it puts it all in perspective.

but i know the good kisses. there's still the anticipation and the
tension. but it's driven by more than just lust. there's another
connection. and it's not something i can put my finger on. but those
kisses... wow... those are the ones that make your heart pound.


Laoch said...

My brother has a theory that I generally agree with that says all these reactions are based on chemical reactions on a very primitive level.  So if your hormones like his hormones the kiss will feel wonderful no matter how lame it might seem to someone else.

Jade said...

It\'s a scientific fact that a woman can tell compatibility with just one kiss..I agree- But man, all the rest was there? ...well, then perhaps it wasn\'t all there for him.Great description though...Looking forward to your next kiss!

islandgirl said...

Great entry!sometimes there is just no chemistry in places you think there will be...Going to Israel? Whats the story there....I guess if I\'d been visiting like a good blogger I\'d already know the answer to of course I\'m going to have to sift through the back issues and find out the scoop!cu round!

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