Monday, March 31, 2008

yeehaw, alberta!

went to edmonton for a long weekend. there was no reason except to get
out of the city for a bit, forget about everything and enjoy the open

beef jerky, potato chips and coffee: road trip breakfast of champions.
got lost leaving Saskatoon, totally missed our turn as we were too busy
playing games. after about 30 mins, i commented "i wouldn't mind seeing
a sign saying highway 16 soon" and david mentioned that he hadn't
noticed any semis on this road. Hmm.... Turned around and headed back,
and got on the right road. haha, we laughed, silly us!

edmonton was great. found a dingy motel, right next to a large sign
warning us it was a "high theft area". our door took a bit of
maneuvering to close, looking like it had been busted in a few times.
haha, we laughed, what a terrible place!

edmonton activities:
- shopping. about 12 hours worth. credit card saw a lot of action. feet ached.
- waterpark. slides, wave pool, tubes. so much fun.
- visiting friends i haven't seen in years. fantastic to catch up! wish i had more time
- playing poker for several hours. 2nd place both times, damn!!
- wearing our new hats and pretending to be cowboys. yes, we're nerds.

and back on the road for another 13 or so hours. more beef jerky, more
coffee. got lost in saskatoon once again, this time totally not our
fault. who would think that "Circle Rd" dead ends? we followed it
expecting it to take us around the city, but instead it changed into
some weiny little back road. WHAT KIND OF CIRCLE IS THAT?? we
contemplated buying a map, but decided against it. who needs maps? not
these two cowpokes!

finally got back to the city around midnight, exhausted and
delirious... and not wanting to step foot in a mall or look at beef
jerky for a very long time!

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Jade said...

How about a picture of your computer surroundings?For old times sake :D

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