Monday, January 14, 2008



Holy fucking crap am I ever grumpy today. I just want to let out a string of profanity while punching whatever might be around. Today I am a hater. I hate everything and everyone. I hate this city. I hate my house. I hate my clothes. I hate my short lunch break. I hate everyone who talks to me or looks at me. I hate my headset. I hate this weather. I hate boys. I hate girls. I hate babies and puppies and rainbows and love and fluffy bunnies. I hate hating everything and I hate my insufferable complaining.


Stay outta my way I tell ya!


Jade said...

Hiding behind pillow).... wow, lots of bloggers are feeling abit \'cramped\' today!

Laoch said...

Sorry Mander, I hope you have a more harmonious week.

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