Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You don't say!

So, the jackass finally emailed me today. A week and a half after standing me up, he sends me a note entitled "I'm a shit". Thanks for the newsflash, Captain Obvious. I had already come to that conclusion quite a while ago. His message: Blah blah, I'm sorry, blah blah, I mean it, blah blah, i thought i was ready, blah blah and a dash more blah. Yawn! Borrrrrring. I've really had quite enough of your inner turmoil and angst. I thought you were supposed to be raising teenagers, not acting like one. I have not replied to his tiresome message. I have a couple of things to collect from his house, which I will do when it's convenient for me.

Generally I like maintaining friendships with people that have come into my life, even when just for a brief time. But I have no interest in being friends with such a waste of time. The only melodramatic, perpetual screwup i want in my life is ME!

1 comment:

Laoch said...

I would reply and say, "It seems hurting people comes pretty easy to you.   I hope others will have more respect for your heart."

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