Sunday, November 4, 2007

The End - Part III

Thankfully, "The End" is just a trilogy, and we finally find ourselves in the last installment! It took a while for this final chapter to be released, but there's no rushing a good, solid conclusion. And this is most definitely concluded.

So, a quick recap: The End, Part II left off with our heroine Amanda getting dumped by a nice, confused guy who had muddled feelings for his ex. However, unbeknownst to our readers, the story really didn't stop there. In fact, some crucial facts were withheld. For although the relationship had been ended, the night was not over. If our surreptitious narrator had opted for full disclosure, you would have known that the two lovers returned to the home of our confused man, and our lovely leading lady did not leave until the next morning.

The next day, ie: only two days after the dump date, Amanda received a casual "just saying hi" email from her uncertain ex, and the two resumed their regular messaging habits. This continued for several weeks, his flirtation level escalating, things seeming to be reverting to how they were before the split. And one day, after several "we should catch up" comments, the pair finally did meet up.

This brings us to the "second chances" entry below. To sum up his main points: i made a mistake. i was scared of getting close, i convinced myself i wanted something old and familiar, but that is long over.
i want to move forward. i hope i haven't blown it, please give me another chance.  And as you know, there were reservations. But our gal Amanda is very forgiving, always wanting to believe the best in people. So she hesitantly moved forward. Things seemed okay, but time and consistency were what was needed.

The date: really nice. comfortable. the spark was still there. But.... Time and consistency. "Can I see you Saturday?" "Sure"

There, all caught up and settled in for PART III.

Thursday the date was confirmed. Chill out and rent movies. But Friday brought a sense of unease. Amanda has a very good instinct when it comes to these things. She had a feeling, for whatever reason, that Saturday was not going to happen. Her friends told her not to jump to conclusions, but she knew, just knew how it was going to unfold. She sent a text message "are we still on for tomorrow?" on the off chance that her intuition was wrong. But of course it wasn't. Never is.
Did she get a reply? No. And within an hour, it was crystal clear that history was about to repeat itself.

Saturday: No text. No phone call. Nothing. A friend called around 1 - still plenty of time for him to call - but Amanda knew it wasn't going to happen, so when asked if she had plans for the night, she automatically said no. And a good thing too, because that phone call never came. Oh, so deja vu! Totally predictable, and yet unbelievable at the same time.

Fear not, gentle readers. Our optimistic little Amanda may not have learned a lesson from her last experience (at least not enough to have avoided this unpleasant scenario altogether), but she was prepared. So this time around she is not plagued with questions of "why?" or "what happened?", and no sense of loss squeezes at her heart. Angry, of course. Frustrated, yep. Relieved, definitely. There will be no more messaging. There will be no more flirting. There will be no more catching up over drinks. There will be no more chances.

And so, patient and faithful readers, that brings us to the end of "The End". At last!!! Rest assured that our plucky heroine is doing fine. And shall resume speaking in the first person shortly.


Shannon said...

Thankfully the entire relationship did not waste too much of your precious time!
What happens in the beginning ALWAYS takes on an ugly life of its own, given enough time.
Carry own, our heroine!!!!

Shannon said...

I am finding LOTS of people...come share with me!!!!I have a feeling there is more than just our little group out there!

Laoch said...

Learning is what a successful life is all about.

monty said...

But this is the way of these things. We often have to to take a step back to get everything in perspective. Sometimes after a relationship ends we carry forward a rose tinted view of how things were. Now you can go forward without one eye looking back.

Unknown said...

I say kick him in the teeth.  It\'s proactive AND sends a solid message.I may have given up complaining for 21 days, but I\'m still gung-ho on the importance of  well placed violence.

islandgirl said...

I read this (now I have to go read the back issues....)and immediatly this quote came to mindNever make someone your priority, when they only make you an optionIf he wants you he knows how to find you, carry on and do your thing, you never know where it\'ll lead!

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