Tuesday, November 13, 2007


That's about all that will come out if i attempt to speak today. Another heavy day of fascinating manual reading. The majority of the day was fairly good actually. We took a test that i felt pretty confident about, went through some new things that i caught on to quickly, had a nice long lunch where they fed us soup and sandwiches.... and then things hit a wall. We had reached saturation point and no more information could be absorbed. I looked at the page and stared blankly at all the acronyms and coding. BPC, LFA, ELWW, NWE, NERE, D9-06, BPNE-1, BR=$300... WTF. oh wait, i know that last one. Hoo... brain no compute no more. It didn't help that our instructor was also fried and making mistakes. Everyone started slipping and getting different numbers for different reasons and forgetting this and that and coming up with all sorts of wrong answers that confused the rest of us and the teacher and and and..... Argh!

Tonight is our regular pub trivia night. I don't reckon I'll be much help.


Laoch said...

I want to go to pub trivia night

Unknown said...

Numbers & letters are the devil\'s playground.  I avoid them.

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