Monday, May 28, 2007

Needs some salt?


*taste taste*


Hmm.... something's missing. I mean, it's not terrible. I've had better. Nobody's going to be begging for the recipe, that's for sure.


Spice? Yes, definitely could use some spice. Something to give it some zip! A bit of zest, punch, FLAVOUR! We want something so exquisite that it renders one insatiable!


But this, it's just... BLAND.


Oh, I'm talking about my life, by the way. As palatable as weiner water soup.


Aileen said...

I prefer a nice consomme soup myslef. or a plain bagel. hahaha

Corrina said...

... some days even the weiner water soup is more exciting than my life so don\'t feel alone. :-)
♥ Take care ♥

Jade said...

LOL! Your book list is a kick!!

Laoch said...

There is nothing missing.  You are all you need.

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