Friday, March 16, 2007


HURRAH!!!! I am so excited for the weekend I think I'm going to explode and blood and guts will go everywhere! KAPLOOIE!!!! I think it's the combo of staying in all last weekend and then feeling so sick and incapacitated during the week. Now I'm raring to go. Let me out let me out!

I'm going to be fun, I can tell. I think I'm usually fairly fun, but this weekend I can tell the fun is just going to burst out of me - which is much better than blood and guts. Wheeeee! Granted, it's often a very thin line between
being oodles of fun and just being outstandingly obnoxious. Shit, now I can't tell. ...Yep, there's a definite possibility of insufferable behaviour on my part. Oh well, whatcha gonna do!

I just took a telephone survey. I did my share of phone work and people can be such assholes I always try to cooperate. Anyhoo, the guy is all stone cold emotionless monotone robot who didn't respond to my chipper attitude at all! I think he got annoyed by me explaining my answers. Like those yappy contestants on Millionaire that go on and on and on. "How many times in the last two months have you driven within two hours of consuming any alcohol?" Yikes! Probably a few, but I mean come on, having one beer and driving two hours later isn't bad! I'm very responsible, I don't take my car if I'm planning on having a few, or I'll even leave my car if I have too much to drink. DON'T JUDGE ME, I'M GOOD, I SWEAR!!!! He also asked if I remembered any commercials against drinking and driving, and acted like the ones I mentioned were the wrong answer. Man, this was a tough survey!

Lalalala.... I'm in a good mood. It's the weeeeeeeekend! Someone told me I was cute, fun and interesting the other day. Wait, let me rephrase: the other day, someone told me I was cute, fun and interesting. Haha! Otherwise it sounds like I was only cute the other day, as opposed to the hideous uptight bore I normally am. Hahahahaha!

Man, what's wrong with me? Too much coffee, methinks. Alright, can't sit still, I'm outta here. Whoooooooooooooooooosh!


Will said...

I am also very glad it\'s the weekend. Man what a hard work week! But, it\'s payday and I have beer in the fridge and I\'m going to RELAX.
I can\'t stand those monotone phone personalities. I was never like that when I worked at the call centre. I wasn\'t a telelmarketer, I was customer support. The calls came in. For each and every one of them, I did my best to actually make sure it sounded like I gave a shit about the customer (even if I didn\'t).
Have a good weekend!

t i m said...

I tend to slam the phone down if a person I don\'t know calls me.
Anyway Happy St. Patrick\'s Day & don\'t drink & walk at the same time.

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