Saturday, March 10, 2007

The House of Flying Amandas

That has got to officially be the dorkiest title I've ever used. Haha!

We learned the coolest move in kickboxing today. A jumping kick! So fun!!! You step forward with your right foot, your left knee comes up, then you jump and kick with your right. Man, it looks and feels so cool. Well, it probably doesn't look as cool when I do it, but still, I totally feel all martial arty.

Next class: lithely running atop a bamboo forest.


bob said...

"See, I visit! I don\'t blog as often as I used to, and I don\'t leave comments all the time, but I do still come around!"
I know my friend, truth is I don\'t visit as often as I\'d like either nor leave comments all the time when I do... life happens, I understand.  I love it when you come around and perhaps selfishly but I miss you when you can\'t.  I\'ve always been such a fan of your blogs and you personally.
Kickboxing and martial arty eh, bet i could still take you. 
(and yeah even i know i\'m full of crap, but still it would be a blast trying...)
Heaven help the co-worker that accidentally uses your coffee mug.

bob said...

ps... "And, at the risk of getting a stern tsk tsking from you.... I\'ve been known to have a Coke in the morning. I drink way too much pop."
At the risk of a tsk tsk from me?  hahaha, yeah right menancing finger pointery person.

Will said...

Let me know when you learn that running on bamboo forest trick. That would kick ass!

bob said...

darn, i was kinda hoping to hear about "lithely running" also lol.
I trust you\'re well manders!

t i m said...

Are you the new Lara Croft?

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