Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hanging with the stars

Some movie is being filmed here with Dennis Quaid and Ziyi Zhang, so naturally I've been hobnobbing with the celebs. A few weeks ago, Ziyi and I went to a hockey game, and last night Dennis and I partook in some Mardi Gras festivities. Yep, good times.

...Okay, so Ziyi and I didn't go to the game together, but we were both still there. And I didn't quite clink glasses or chat into the wee hours with Mr Quaid, but I did see him from just a few metres away, which was still kind of neat.

So as you can see, this extravagant, jet-setting lifestyle I've been leading is totally exhausting. I was completely justified in skipping my kickboxing class today.


Laoch said...

What is the best bar and the restaurant in Winnipeg?

Anna said...

Hey baby. Oh my god how much i miss you, my life is so hectic right now. But I guess thats what happens when youre the owner of göteborgs hottest restaurant... Yes I am two months in a road, not to shabby.
well baby hope to catch you soon on the messenger
love you Anna

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