Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's over!


All that hype, all the buildup, theshoppingthesalesthechristmasmusic.... done! Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not a Christmas hater. I go to my friend's for Christmas eve dinner and we have dinner with my dad and step-family. I enjoy over-eating and going to parties and seeing all the beautiful lights everywhere. But I sometimes get frustrated by the assumption that everyone's lives revolve around this holiday at this time of year.
I hate the over-the-top political correctness, and I don't launch into a tirade if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas - although I do prefer Happy Holidays.

The other day at a party, someone overheard that I was Jewish and made the comment "but you still celebrate Christmas". ARGH! And no matter how hard I tried to explain that Christmas really really really didn't have anything to do with Judaism, she didn't get it. Said that even though we didn't go to church, Jewish people still celebrated it - had dinner with family etc. The infuriating thing was that, in my case, she happened to be right. But only because my dad's girlfriend and her family celebrate it. If I am invited to a Xmas celebration, I am happy to go, it's always fun to join in on festivities. But December 25th is not the pinnacle of the year for me. It's a great day to sleep in and go to the movies. If dinner with loved ones follows, that's always nice too.

Hey, holidays are always welcome. And I've got a week off, so why would I complain? Happy holidays all!

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Will said...

I totally agree with you on this one. I preffer Happy Holidays, but won\'t blow a gasket if someone says Merry Christmas. To be specific, I am more of Solstice person, but that doesn\'t stop me from doing all the stuff you mentioned like watching movies and over eating. We raided Rogers Video and have been filling our faces all weekend. *burp!*
I\'m glad to hear you survived the Holidays.

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