Tuesday, December 12, 2006

30 things to do before I'm 30

I know there are a bunch of lists out there - 99 things to do before you die etc etc, and I'm sure this one has been done loads too - but I'm going to follow suit anyway. I suppose number one on my list could be "stop being such a predictable copycat and come up with an original idea for once", but whatever. I'll stick that one on my list of things to complain about on my deathbed.

With only 6 1/2 weeks until I gracefully exit my twenties (or go kicking and screaming and crying) I've decided it's time to compile a list of inspiring, pointless, or ridiculous things I will frantically try to accomplish before the clock strikes midnight on the 28th of January.

I'll probably cheat and include some of the stuff I've already done. Hey, I don't have much time here, I have to give myself some leeway.

I would like suggestions as to what should be included on this list. So.....



Will said...

I got your S.O.S, and like a good Captain I had to come and see what this was about, especially since I cross the 30 milestone myself on Feb 8.
Do you already have a tattoo? If not get one even if it\'s something small on say your ankle or something. I plan on doing that soon.
Right now I can\'t think of anything else and I\'m being called for dinner, but I\'ll come back.

hellachella said...

Poke a stranger in the belly with your pointer finger
Karaoke four non blondes "what\'s up"
Eat a tablespoon full of ketchup
Macarena in flippers.
I\'ll be bock.

Gillian said...

Pierce your belly button!! Less permanent than a tatoo (although a great idea Will !!), and when people ask you about it, you will always be able to say it was something you did in your 20\'s. 
On a more serious note - your 30\'s will be incredible!!!  I hit that milestone a few years ago, ok, 7 years ago, and although I was totally freaked out - I found that I had much more fun in this decade than I ever did in my 20\'s.  Congrats!!

hellachella said...

~Crimp your hair and wear a side ponytail
~Make a prank phonecall
~Have your nails professionally done...with the biiIIiiig LONG tips, have the tips pierced with those sparkle things and have them paint cats onto the nails
~Use one of those mall water massager things
~Learn to play the spoons
~Complain about your meal at a fancy restaurant
~Date a man named Gary

bob said...

Forgive me for my slow reply, I haven\'t been online much the past week barring the few times I was interrupted by phone calls and such anyway. A list of things to accomplish eh, this coming from a woman who among other things has influenced children\'s minds across the world in China? My friend if I could boast a, entry in my \'been there, done that" list anywhere near as adventurous or noble...
My first suggestion would be get some media going in your player why don\'t cha!    hahaha...   If memory serves there was a technical reason that doesn\'t allow you to; but in the event you want something playing I\'ll happily help; from finding the tune of your choice to hosting it myself just say the word.   Seriously though you should follow through with a thought you\'ve already echoed, grab a taboggan. We got a snowfall in November, a minor miracle in itself... so I grabbed my roommates kids (brandon is 10 and kaylee is 8), their sleds and hit some hill. OMG we had a blast; between kids and adults there were about 2 dozen people there and everyone was just having a great old time.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows and/or whipped cream after is a definate addition to that list.   My hope is you slide down a hill, I know you\'d be loving it.
Unfortunately not only is my time here running out but my small brain is lacking so I promise to return in the next few days... in the meantime I\'ll be giving this lots of thought.  Knowing me i\'ll be putting ideas down on paper to make sure i don\'t forget LOL; omg if i didn\'t write things down i\'d probably forget to breath.    I wanted to leave on a particular note; fact is I thought my age would be a great concern to me and indeed there are regrets - I\'m not "where" I figured i\'d be; hell I was waiting in line at the store beside two kids (one was around 8 and the other was 6 - brothers i think) last week and when the line moved one kid held the other back preferring i go ahead of them with the sage advice \'you should let old people go by first\'.  So i looked behind me figuring i\'d see the elderly blue-haired lady with a walker they were referring to - then to my horror realized he dude meant me!!!   Ordinarily i\'d admire such politness and manners, besides you see it so rarely but to be totally honest i just wanted to backhand the little puke - omfg in your 30\'s is "old"???   The rotten lil bastard.   But i digress.  (hahaha)     Age is a number - I wouldn\'t trade my experiences or knowledge or maturity or outlook for a damned thing; I can still do any and everything a younger person can, hell i\'ll kick they\'re ass at it... and you\'ll kick it\'s ass too while enjoying every minute.  Indeed you appreciate it more.   Talk to you again real soon Manders!

t i m said...

¬ Require medical treatment as a consequence of kinky sex gone wrong (STDs don\'t count);
¬ Tip a waiter with something other than money;
¬ Hotwire a car;
¬ Buy a samurai sword;
¬ Kidnap someone;

Heather said...

~see male strippers...I am at a loss for what to do before you are 30. I just didn\'t want to get left out in the cold.

Aileen said...

Eat a tomato sandwich

Will said...

OK, I\'m back.
1. See a big rock concert.
2. Join the mile high club.
3. Try Stand up comedy
4. Walk into an antiques store and ask them what\'s new.
I can\'t think of any more.

Robin221b said...

maybe some of these will strike your fancy...
            Randomly pick 30 people and mail them a friendly note asking them to think fondly (warmly, kindly whatever adverb) on the day of your celebration. (libraries usually have telephone directories from other locations that include addresses).
            Sample 30 food dishes that you have never had before (preferably not all at once!).
            Take a day trip in your new car...at the first 30 intersections, flip a coin to determine direction, after 30 turns choose the first restaurant or bar or what-have-you and celebrate the randomness of life if the manner that presents itself to you there.
             Fly a kite in a snowstorm (dress appropriately).
             Choose an adventurous friend, play croquet (golf, tennis, badminton, your choice) on a snow covered field (take along hot-buttered-rum or cocoa or both!).
              Have 30 friends create a list of things for you to do...wait a minute...you are already accomplishing that one.
              Create a card (index card or business card size) that says :Do a good turn to someone else. Pass it on: then go out and do a good turn for someone (open a door, pick up a dropped item, whatever) and pass the card on to them. See if it ever comes back to you from someone you do not know.
               Write a blog entry using 30 sentences (each in a different language, help is allowed of course).
              More later if my brain rolls over and becomes functional again.  Enjoy life, I enjoy your blog.

Laoch said...

Perhaps helping Leonardo Di Caprio to enter manhood?

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