Tuesday, September 5, 2006

My last blog

From work, that is.


Yep, today is my last day, and I'm feeling sentimental about everything. Everything I do is accompanied by "aw, that's the last time I'll...". That's the last time I'll say good morning to so-and-so. That's the last time I'll get my coffee. That's the last time I'll log in to my email. That's the last time I'll read a final report. That's the last time I'll play darts in the copy room. Sigh... so sad.


Just got back from my farewell lunch. I'm always up for a free lunch where people say nice things about me and how I'll be missed. Yay, let's celebrate Amanda! Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah! Okay, I may be paraphrasing a wee bit. But the general sentiment holds true, I'm just adding a bit of oomph. Amanda Amanda, rah rah rah!!!


So, on to other things. Other things being loafing, lazing and an occasional bout of lollygagging. Wow, my ambition is astounding.


Well, that's it for now.




Aw... that's the last time I'll waste time by writing my personal blog on government time.


Laoch said...

Good luck in your next adventure.  I am sure you will find something enervating!

t i m said...

You blogged when you were supposed to be working?
I for one would never do such a thing. Not me. NEVER. :)

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