Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Wasting time

I'm feeling so frustrated right now. I'm not sure what set me off, but I just want to crawl under a rock. This job is going nowhere, and I'm finding it hard to be motivated. I feel I could just sit here and play games or blog or surf the net, and no one would even notice. BAH!!!!






I wanted to do this whole settled down thing, but maybe I'm just not meant for a sedentary lifestyle. Maybe if I stay in one place too long I'll just end up chewing my arms off and clawing my eyeballs out. Oops, other way around, I guess. Can't very well claw my eyeballs out with chewed up stumps, now can I?


No, I want to stay put, I do. I just want to feel content. My siblings and I were joking around last night about whose life is lamest. Let's compare the stats.



  1. works for "water and waste" answering calls about garbage.

  2. boyfriend lives far far away

  3. no friends in city anymore

But, on the upside, her job pays really well, at least she has a boyfriend, and who cares about friends here because she's planning on moving away again soon.



  1. only has a part-time job

  2. no girlfriend

  3. his friends are more interested in video games than real people

BUT... he's only 20 so who the hell cares. He's got plenty of time to enjoy slacking off.



  1. making half as much as my garbage-talking sister at a job that is going nowhere

  2. no love interest

  3. friends are all married and only like doing grown-up couply things

  4. can't for the life of me lose a single pound, no matter how much time I spend at the gym.

  5. nearing 30 and live at home.


I win.

Okee dokee, enough whinging and griping. Time to attempt some work. Or at the very least drink some tea.


Miss said...

Hey your life isn\'t\'s just in turmoil at the present moment....been there and done that...still doing it....30 year old living at home with her parents....with a ummm don\'t feel soo bad :S
When your contract ends in September just take off....go forward young lady....go forward!!

Laoch said...

Hey, all change is internal.You have talent, go out and use it.

t i m said...

That just sounds like my life apart from the living @ home bit, the nearly 30 bit, the no-love interest bit & the job going nowhere bit.:)
Ok its nothing like my life at all, but the best thing I can suggest is just to take up a few new hobbies outside of work, i.e. blogging does not count. :)
As for love interest bit, you\'ve nothing to worry about at whatsoever. It\'ll all happen in due time, looking at your profile pic above with the pointing finger, any man could that wouldn\'t be attracted to that is a damn fool. :)
Take Care. ;)

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