Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Time for that drink

As foretold by my extraordinary psychic powers, I totally blew the interview. After careful analysis of my performance, I have narrowed it down to one minor flaw: I suck. I have always been aware of my suckiness, but never have I cursed it so much. Ofttimes I have even laughed it off: haha, silly me, I suck. Like so. But not this time. Now it's more: Damn you sucky Amanda! Grr!!

I don't know why I choked, I guess because I wanted it so much. Even though I'd been thinking about the interview in my head for days, and I had a good selection of material to respond with, when the time came, it all came out awkwardly. Ugh... I don't want to remember it. Then came the written assignment. I was given a folder of info about grants and funding and guidelines etc, then a contract with a group and their proposed project, and the final report they submitted. I then had to write some sort of analysis on the outcome of the project blah blah blah. Never done that. Didn't really know what was expected. Took way too long reading through the piles of info they gave me and then didn't have enough time to properly write the damn thing.


Okay, sucky Amanda is going to go suck back a drink.


Laoch said...

I always found that I interviewed best for jobs I did not want.  Maybe hypnosis next time?

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... wanna work in a papermill with a questionable future?(that\'s about all I can even think of offering you today)
wish me luck - wish you luck
(:    and God just smiles at all of our tiny little worries...   :)

Isabella said...

I\'ll have a drink with you....i know how you feel though.  I blew an interview at the beginning of the year, a dream job...I just choked.  Gosh...I was kicking myself like mad.  I know the feeling.  *hugs* Hope other then that your okay and life is treating you kindly =D

peabody said...

you don\'t suck..  but i will have that drink with you.

Heather said...

Hugs, you\'ll get them next time.

t i m said...

Hey, sorry to hear you didn\'t get the job you were after, better luck next time. I\'ve had a few bad interviews in my life, but they\'re usually a blessing in disguise, as you\'ll likely find an even better job than the one you missed out on.
Now go & have another drink on me.
Take Care. ;)

Touly said...

this is how you gotta walk into an interview, look at them dead in the face and say, i am too smart for this job
then you\'ll nail it

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