Friday, January 27, 2006

Very exciting!

Ooh, new tricks and treats with Spaces! And I can add new photos finally, yippee! Unfortunately not right now because I must finish decorating for my birthday party tomorrow. It's also the Chinese new year and given all my time spent in China, I figured this was the perfect opportunity for a Chinese party. I've got lanterns hanging up and of course the artwork that I bought while I was there. I'm even going to attempt *gulp* cooking! As per usual I'm getting very nervous. I always stress out before a party. What if no one comes? What if it's totally lame and everyone is bored? What if it's so bad everyone goes home at 10 o'clock and I drink myself into a stupor, moaning to myself about getting old and throwing stupid parties, then cry until I pass out a drunken, blubbering mess?

That would suck.

1 comment:

The Lovely Lindsey said...

I\'m sure it will be a smashing good time!

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