Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have gotten all hyped up and excited for my class. It was so disappointing! Too easy and boring. Normally I'd love to say that I'm just too advanced for something (I don't get that opportunity very often) but I really really wanted this to be good for me.

But more than it being a bit too simple, it was just way too dull. The instructor did the typical Chinese method of teaching, which is basically just "repeat after me". For THREE HOURS!! It didn't require any thinking of our own or anything useful. Just read from the textbook. There were parts written in English, and instead of having us try to translate them - which would have made sense seeing as it was the vocabulary we just learned - she just told us the answers. BAH! So pointless!

I was talking to another guy in the class about how my lessons were in China, and he totally thought that would be better. It was more interactive and we played little games and did short activities that made us think and use what we were learning in new ways. Not just bland, monotonous repetition. We tried to make suggestions to the teacher, but she didn't seem to bite. I spoke to her after class to see if in the future we'd get more of a chance to practice, work in pairs, make our own dialogues etc. But she has no intention of changing her ways, and now she hates me for trying to improve her class. Snooty know-it-all thinks she can teach my class juts because she spent a year in China... yep, I'm sure that's what she was thinking. It could just be so much better!

So, it looks like my time as a student is ending after a single lesson. So disappointing, but there's no point in staying in that tedious, brain-dead class. Boo.


S said...

It\'s too bad that your class couldn\'t have been more student friendly! Maybe you should offer to teach it next time!Loved your blogs by the way, and those "warped pics" are way too funny!

Laoch said...

Maybe you should stay in the class if only for the opportunity to practice your Mandarin?

Heather said...

You can\'t teach an old dog new tricks is all I have to say.HUGSDarling

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