Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Check it out!!

Yay, I have colours and fonts and sizes once more! Hurray for options!!

I'd like to thank Monty for pointing me in the right direction. Now I'll definitely blog more often.

Unfortunately, there's
not a whole lot to say these days. I've been exceptionally lazy and
unmotivated. No job, no car, no friends to keep me company during the
days, and a limited supply of funds.... doesn't make for a fast-paced,
exciting life. No cute little Chinese kids to inspire funny stories, no
fascinating cultural differences to write about, no more adventures.

I miss my students and my friends in China. I miss getting vegetables
on the street right in front of my door. I miss the delicious and cheap
food. I miss having somewhat successful conversations in Chinese. I
miss the globs of spit covering the sidewalks.... Wait... no. No, I
don't miss that. Or the people ramming their carts into my ankles at
Wal-mart. Or pushing and shoving to get on the bus. Or my shoilet.

I still keep in touch with people from China, even a couple of
students. I was messaging one girl the other day - only 8 years old but
so precocious! - and she asked me how old I was. I told her to guess.
Oh my god, the guess was so cute. Sixteen!!
How sweet is that? I told her I was older and she said, maybe 20 but I
look young. As if 20 was so old! When I told her my actual age she
couldn't believe it. It must seem so
ancient to an 8 year old. But that made my day. What a cutie.

Anyway, I will rack my brain for interesting things to say in the future. It'll be a stretch.


monty said...

thanks for the thanks .why not write entries about some of the things you didn\'t previously write about in China or couldn\'t?and p.s. there should be a new version of Firefox out for Mac within the next few hours - 1.5 .I\'ve already downloaded the windows version and pages seem to load a lot faster .

Laoch said...

Hi Mnader, season\'s greetings

Miss said...

Ohhhh reverse culture shock. How insane that was. Having to buy things at their "normal" price. And the taxes...I was so not use to that. And tips and fat white people everywhere to keep me company. HahahahaYou\'ll get over the culture shock and re-adjust. Unless you don\'t plan on staying here for very long and taking off again. Which in that case just take the brunt of it until you get the heck out of dodge!!You asked if I was going to be heading back. You bet. But the dates are just pushed back. I\'m heading to Taiwan though. Which in China\'s eyes are part of China. Ohhh that touchy issue. Either way I have to wait until my contract with the local school board is done--end of June--and now I\'ve been informed I\'ll have to wait until after my best friend gets married as I\'m in the wedding party. I better stick around for that!! Once that is done I\'m out of here--unless of course a full time killer pay and killer benefit package comes my way. I could be persuaded to stay ;-)Either way keep blogging and enjoy the Canadian winter again. Especially in the windy city of Winnipeg!! Hahaha....which is probably better than the Great Lakes Effect I get here in Ontario :O

R said...

You site is fun and I look forward to reading whatever you come up with!

bob said...

way to go monty.

peabody said...

i know an area of montreal that u should try living in for a bit.. my old neighbourhood. so much cross culture.. itallian, greek, jewish (orthodox!), quebecois, anglephone, you name it, it\'s all there.. and you can find fresh fruit nearbuy. i think you\'d love it there. i can introduce you to friendly people in that neighbourhood ;)think about it.. lemme know

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